Practical advice and guidance on all aspects of the hard and soft landscape design and build process. Professional site surveys, analysis and report writing, for private and commercial clients, for planning purposes. Consultancy options range from an initial email correspondence, to an in-depth one hour, or half-day site visit.


Garden design
The process begins on receipt of a detailed design brief from the client. A measured site survey follows, during which time key physical elements, and aspects are recorded including, structures, vegetation, topography, views etc. Once collated, this raw data forms the basis on which a comprehensive set of documents is prepared including, the concept plan, mood boards, masterplan, construction drawings, planting plan, and tendering information. Together, this complete package will enable a design to be accurately costed, and the garden expertly built.


Online design
A unique approach to garden design, providing clients with the convenient choice of recieving all consultations, plan drawings, and other necessary documentation via phone, email and/or conventional post. Our ‘online design’ service will generally suit, but is not limited to, the small to medium sized garden owner, whose lack of proximity to our practice, may mean regular site meetings are an unrealistic option for them. This service is also available to overseas clients. Find out more by contacting us today on T: +353 (0)86 350 8845.


Garden build
We work jointly with experienced, highly skilled landscape professionals to construct our gardens, and we source our materials, plants and bespoke products from a select group of providers and artisans. As the client’s agent, we administer the landscape contract, and provide a monitoring service during key phases of the project build. This will ensure that an efficient works schedule is maintained, and the garden is completed to the highest possible standards of workmanship; both on time, and within budget.


Landscape architecture
Closely resembling garden design in process and outcome, we also enjoy working on small, medium and larger scale public, semi-private, and commercial landscape design schemes. Our scope covers the full suite of professional services in this field, of relevance to architects, landscape architects, town planners and related diciplines. Project work will encompass all sectors dealing with open space provision including, local authorities, hospitality and leisure industries, health and educational institutions, sports bodies, community organisations, as well as private individuals and businesses.


Freelance design
For the busy landscape architecture practice or garden design studio needing to offload some extra work; the architect seeking to integrate a client’s home extension, or building design plans into a new garden or landscape; or the landscape contractor who would like to offer a professional design service for their customers; we can help!

What_planting design1

Planting design
Whether starting from scratch, or upgrading an established garden, the success of any new planting scheme requires an in-depth appreciation and knowledge of the art and science of garden cultivation and management. Our planting design service includes the provision of a scale planting plan, outlining in detail all proposed new, and extended existing planting zones. Furthermore, it will show the precise location and quantity of all new plants, and of those existing plants for retention, transplanting and/or disposal. Guidelines on plant maintenance will also be provided.


Soft landscaping
Complimentary to our planting design service, we can also source, provide and plant up all plant material as specified on the planting plan. A tailored package will include as required, soil preparation, existing plant maintenance, plus the formation and planting of proposed new beds. Additional requirements such as topsoil, fertilisers, mulch etc, will also be provided.


Horticultural check-up
For recently completed, as well as established gardens, our ‘horticultural check up’ includes a health analysis for all plants, including any previous existing vegetation and trees retained. Our specialist maintenance service will ensure that plants continue to perform, as per the original design intention. Key factors affecting poor plant will consider, potential pests and diseases, existing soil type and quality, potential soil drainage problems, the influence
of micro-climate, and other relevant assessment criteria. A proposed course of remedial actions will be outlined to the client and implemented as required.


Garden nip and tuck
For established gardens needing just a little attention, our garden ‘nip and tuck’ service offers cost effective garden restoration options. These include, on the soft landscape side, specialist maintenance of vegetation and trees, soil enrichment, replanting, and new lawn provision. Hard landscape options include professional cleaning of surface materials, painting/woodstain application to features, repair work to walls, block paving, water features, and other structures. Further decorative effects may be achieved by installing some new planted up pots, and subtle outdoor mood lighting.


With an exciting and wide range of pot styles and colours now available, along with an infinite variety of planting possibilities, it requires an experienced eye to get the combination and balance just right. Our specialist pot procurement and planting service ‘Potted’, caters for every individual taste, garden style, and for every occasion. Let us source the right pots and pot plants for you, to create that truly unique corporate, wedding or birthday *gift, or to add a splash of colour and freshness to a tired garden patio or front door. We can also offer a regular pot upgrade service, to reflect the seasons, compliment an event, or simply to create a new planting look.
(*See also ‘gift vouchers’).


Edible gardens
There’s nothing quite like tasting freshly harvested, home grown fruit, vegetables and herbs, and growing them is so easy! Let’s work together to design (or redesign) and build the perfect edible garden for your family or friends. We supply all the seed, seedlings and plants required, and we’ll help plant up everything too. Rewarding, healthy, educational, cost effective and fun; just some of the key benefits available to families, community groups, and school children, with their own edible garden project!


Talk to us
At G W Foran Design we love to talk about gardens; how to design them, how to build them, and how to maximise their full potential! We give radio and public talks, and provide one to one garden design advice sessions for visitors to trade events and garden festivals; and for customers of garden centre, paving and general landscape merchants. Talk to us today about supporting an upcoming garden, home, outdoor, or lifestyle event, or to secure a regular in-house design service for your target market! Note; our ‘Online Design’ service provides a convenient and flexible option for landscape businesses with a nationwide customer base.


Something to say
It’s true that a picture can speak a thousand words, but the well written word allows us to form our own unique images. We enjoy writing on garden and landscape related topics for design magazines, newspaper garden columns, company and social websites. If you’ve got an inspiring idea or a product to sell, then we’ve got something to say about it!


Product promotion
Looking for a representative or agent to trial, promote and/or distribute a garden or landscape related product, material or service? G W Foran Design can offer a direct route to market; call +353 (0)86 350 8845 today!


Gift vouchers
G W Foran Design can provide gift vouchers for friends and family, suitable for any occasion. We have two types of voucher available as follows:
A) Our 2 hour garden design advice/consultation voucher.
B) Our pot procurement and planting service ‘Potted’ voucher.
Call +353 (0)86 350 8845 today for more details!